Cry to captain of ship: steer us to safe waters

Throughout the course of my last four semesters here at Western I have found that nearly every student cares deeply about the campus we share. Missouri Western is our home and we want to see it rise above the rest. As I came into the Student Government Association (SGA) office last April as your 2009-2010 Student Body President my primary goal was to take that similar passion we all share as individuals and strengthen it by creating unity and transparency in our government, SGA. In my first few weeks as SGA President I struggled to make our campaign slogan,--“Get Your Voice Back!”--a reality. I sat in my office considering new ways to get more people concerned about campus issues, but I couldn’t seem to think of any miraculous solutions. I was forgetting that students already have deep concerns about issues, and simply don’t know the means they can take to get their voice heard! As your SGA President this year I want to create new mediums to connect with you, and make everything SGA does more transparent than ever before. We are all Griffons and care about the campus that brings us together. It is about time we are given the chance to share that passion with others. We might not know every answer to a concern you have, but there are always means of finding solutions. This semester our main objective is to find ways to help you. Every concern is important. I want to close by letting everyone know a little about what my Executive Board and I have done over the summer to create a closer connection to the Student Body. First off, SGA now has an official Facebook group that will be utilized to communicate with students about events around campus and display concerns that students may have about University issues. Currently the group has over 750 students, but I’d like to see that continue to grow. The Facebook group name is: MWSU 2009-2010 Student Body (SGA Updates). Another way we are working with students is by personally and immediately addressing concerns as they come up. My office is in Blum 217, and my door is always open to address issues. If I’m in class or attending other business you can always get me via e-mail at or even my personal cell phone at 816-509-5692. There have already been several issues we’ve dealt with, and I’ll go into more of that in my next address in the Griffon News. For now, however, I want to welcome everyone back to Missouri Western! Have a great year, and I look forward to hearing from you! Josh Todd SGA President

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