Women take charge in their relationships


As I have dealt with numerous relationship experienced and have had friends who have also done the same, I have learned that sometimes men don’t appreciate the so-called “nice girl.”

You know who this girl is! She is the woman who gives everything to a man no matter how long she’s known him. And what does the man do in return?

He takes it all and discovers that he doesn’t need to invest too much time in the relationship because she will do it for him. Does this girl sound familiar to you? Well once upon a time I could look this girl right in the mirror. I’ve been this girl and so have many of my friends and peers. But, it’s time for women to stand up for ourselves and for every woman who has had this “nice-girl” curse. However, we don’t have to do this alone. A special book will help us out.

“Why Men Love Bitches,” by Sherry Argov is a woman’s guide to holding her own in a relationship. Named a national best seller, this book has helped many women who are wondering if they are too nice, or perhaps too willing of a man. In “Why Men Love Bitches,” Argov provides 100 principles that tell a woman how to respect herself first and then her man, but only if he respects her as well. Some of these principles include:

“Don’t give a reward for bad behavior.”

“He simply won’t respect a woman who automatically goes into overdrive to please him.”

The more independent you are of him, the more interested he will be.”

“He perceives an emotional woman as more of a pushover.”

“When you nag, he tunes you out. But when you speak with your actions, he pays attention.”

Among these principles, contain numerous dating and relationship scenarios, and even interviews with men that agree with Argov’s conclusions. It even contains an “Are You Too Nice” Pop Quiz. In the first chapter of the book Argov gives ten characteristics that define a “bitch.”

“She maintains her independence. She doesn’t pursue him. She is mysterious. She leaves him wanting. She doesn’t let him see her sweat. She remains in control of her time. She maintains a sense of humor. She places a high value on herself. She is passionate about something other than him. She treats her body like a finely tuned machine.”

As you can see, the “bitch” is not really a “bitch” at all. She is not highly conceited or materialistic. She is mainly confident and knows she does not need a man to complete her. It’s a great book for not only women but men as well. As women are learning how to hold their own in a relationship, men are also realizing the certain perceptions and assumptions they continue to hold about women. I continue to hear men say “women are scandalous,”  but we all know this statement isn’t true for all women. On the contrary I always hear and have even stated, “men are stupid and don’t know how to treat a woman.” This also isn’t true of all men.

Maybe if we stop holding these perceptions and actually see ourselves for ourselves, we will actually realize what it is that we want out of a significant other. Maybe if we learn how to respect ourselves, yet still be empathetic for that special someone we care for, we will learn how to truly be committed to someone else. Maybe men and women are both too selfish. All these maybes are highlighted in this great book of “Why Men Love Bitches,”
For more information about the book visit www.whymenlovebitches.com

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