State capitol celebrates Western achievments


Most of us were still sleeping last week while a group of administrators and students prepared for a day trip to the state capitol. This trip was different than most others. Instead of having a focus on learning, this trip was dedicated to bragging.
Missouri Western joined the ranks of the other four-year state universities April 15 as it hosted MWSU Day in Jefferson City at the state capitol building. Griffon Day at the capitol was a chance to showcase achievements and improvements to state legislators and the Department of Education.
Director of External Relations and coordinator for the event, Beth Wheeler, explained that spending a day at the capitol brings Western closer to legislature that makes decisions affecting us.
“It’s an opportunity for the decision makers… to see on their turf, some of the great things we are doing at Missouri Western,” Wheeler said.
Booths were set up showing everything from student life and infrastructure improvements to undergraduate research and award-winning successes. Students and faculty manned the booths ready to interact and answer questions from visitors.
“I think they will be impressed with what we’ve done,” Wheeler said. “It’s an opportunity for them to come and experience Western for a brief amount of time in the capitol.”sga
She explained that it helps to put Missouri Western on the map. She hopes that when legislators think of Western they will now have faces to put with the name.
Student Governor Dillon Harp was excited for the opportunity to represent Western.  He was one of many SGA members in attendance.
“Western students did a great job of representing us at the capitol on Wednesday,” Dean of Student Affairs Judy Grimes said. “They delivered Western information to key legislators and were excellent promoters of our university.”
Students and administrators traveled by bus to the capitol, leaving the campus at 6 a.m.
President Vartabedian led the Western delegation. Over 30 students and 12 administrators attended.

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