Senior art displayed


Seniors majoring in art had the chance to display their creative work at the Senior Art Exhibit, which started March 30.

Until April 9, the public will be able to view the artists’ work in Potter Hall Art Gallery from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Seniors Ashley Beydler, Mark Crable, Hallie Delagardelle and Jenna Pickerell are the artists who set up the whole art show as hosted by the Missouri Western art department. An opening reception which gave others a chance to meet and greet the artists was held on Monday. It was free to the public.

The art exhibit was a culmination of the seniors’ art work at Western.

Beydler’s workings included pieces from her Beginning Drawing II class. She showed great structure and creativity in her work. Beydler plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design. She also plans to obtain a master’s degree with an emphasis in printmaking.

Pickerell’s work consisted of Graphics III pieces. Pickerell and Crable worked with inkjet print and made their work jump the gallery walls. Both students are graduating with a bachelor’s degrees in graphic design and plan to pursue graphic-designer careers.

Graphic Design is Delagardelle’s interest as well. She to plans to pursue a career in the field..

To let the public know their stories behind their work, the students put together artist statements about themselves. In their statements they talk about their inspirations, their growth and how they perceive art.

“I am an artist and designer in every aspect of life,” Beydler said. In her statement she explained how art expresses feelings and how art is a way of seeing, interpreting and living.

“Art is the only discipline that allows my intellectual curiosity to explore a spectrum of areas-science, philosophy, music, history…” Beydler said.

Pickerell mentioned her beginning experiences with graphic design.

“The most exciting part of what I do is when the work starts to come together as a whole and portrays what I am trying to say, especially if it can make an impact on the viewer,” Pickerell said.

Delagardelle explained how she does not follow a particular style in her work.

“I don’t have one set style. I think it is important to be versatile and unique,” Delagardelle said.

Her statement contained her goals as a graphic designer.

“To me, the goal for design is to solve a problem,” Delagardelle said.

George Sipp, assistant professor for the art department, provided further information about this exhibit.

“All graduating art major students are required to participate in the Art Exhibit,” Sipp said. “The students are responsible for putting it together; I’m just the sponsor.”

Beydler, Crable, Delagardelle and Pickerell are only four of many art students graduating this semester. Other senior art exhibits will continue until the end of the year.

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