Religious dilemma leads one student to believe devil to be misunderstood

Commentary Opinion

I am not a Christian, I’m not sure what I am really when it comes to religion. The only thing is, I know I’m not an atheist. In order to be an atheist one has to acknowledge God to deny God. That’s why I’ve never understood why anyone would call themselves an atheist; it’s a word that means less then Nemo.

I have also never understood why people think they can make their religion better if they insult other’s religions; by doing that, they only make their own religion weak.

Maybe these beliefs’ I have had has brought on a revelation into religion, well one religion anyway: Christianity.

What I’ve come to realize is that God is the one that wants to destroy the world. God isn’t about saving anyone. He is the omega; well, he is the alpha too, but everything has already been made, so the only thing left is the omega—if you’re a Christian.

Everyone has to comply with what God says and not ask any questions. We have to be ‘sheep’ as the good book says, and follow, but never question. The last time that happened on earth, it was World War II: we all know how that worked out, especially for the Jews.

When no one asks questions about their religion, you get something that doesn’t evolve, you get the Republican Party. Fundamentalist people that think they know what it is to be American. As a matter of fact that would mean you also get the Democratic Party. When a large group of people believe in a God that brings about the end of the world through enlightenment, what the hell can you do?

Well, you can believe in the Savior! That’s right folks, if God isn’t the Savior then Satan is.

What did he do to get the reputation he has? He left the tyrannical rule of a father that beat him down with an unyielding rule book, and started his own little place where he gets to punish people for being jerks. That sounds like a lot of fathers in the world, but we don’t punish the people that get out from under them. So why then do we treat Satan in that way?

Well, the reason is that we need some one to stand in for evil in the world. It’s just too bad so many people have it all mixed around. God was the one doing all the killing in the Old Testament. When the New Testament came around God became the authority figure that has to have everything in the Bible followed or we are not good ‘sheep’.

Satan doesn’t push anything on us. He is there waiting to show us a way in which we can be an enlightenment in ourselves. How else could Satan punish people if he doesn’t know what enlightenment is? Satan would have to know what enlightenment is, or else he would be punishing people that didn’t deserve to be punished.

If you look at the bible you will see that God is the beginning and end of everything. So then, Satan is just trying to carve out a life just like all of us do.

I would rather follow that thing I know is just like me, trying to find his own path in life that makes sense, trying get from under a tyrant that he calls father.

The only question I have now is, why haven’t I heard of anyone else coming to this realization? Is it because they fear being persecuted by devout Christians?—more than likely.

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