RC plans week of events for students


Residence Council put together a week full of events for students.

The events took place March 23-27. The first event was the Iron Chef Sandwich Throw Down, which took place in the Commons Building.

An event entitled “A Night in Vegas” took place in Spratt, and students seemed thrilled as they arrived in nice evening wear.

Frances Leggs, a freshman with a major in criminal justice, said she had a good time.

“It was fun; it was a nice event to have and they did a good job,” Leggs said.

There was a variety of music, ranging from hip-hop to country, old school and rock and roll. Students were having a good time as they gathered on the dance floor to dance and take pictures.

The setup was aesthetically pleasing, as poker tables and flashing lights surrounded the area. Attendees were bound to have a good time with snacks and finger foods sitting out, and students paraded around the tables when the song “Ride that Train” came on.

Rally tickets were given at the door for a chance to win prizes. RC advisor Bobbie Delaney thought students really enjoyed themselves.

“It looked like students were having fun and I encourage people to come to RC,” Delaney said.

Brittany Jones, a freshman majoring in psychology, had a good time as well.

“When I came I didn’t expect to dance,” Jones said. “I liked the music and I had a better time than I thought I would.”

Residence Hall Improvement Night was next on the event list, and finally, there was part of the Student Concert Series, which concluded RC Week.

Residence Council President Kayla Wymore was pleased with the way the programs turned out.

“[Programmers] Ashley and Dan put a lot of hard work into organizing and preparing for the week,” Wymore said. “I would have liked to have seen more people attend, but I know for those that came, they had a good time.”

The Residence Council would like students to know about their meetings that take place in the Commons Building every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

For those who are not exactly sure as to what this group is, Residence Council is a branch of the Student Government Association. RC helps with policies on campus and plans events for the students. It also handles concerns the students may have regarding the campus. The RC office is located in Juda, room 401.

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