President publishes speech book


Western’s own President is now a published author.

As of only two weeks ago, Dr. Vartabedian’s book “Public Speaking: An Executive Summary” has been printed and is ready for distribution. Vartabedian and his staff have been working on a marketing plan to get the word out about his newly published piece.

“This is something I’ve worked on for the past 35 years,” Vartabedian said. “It’s kind of a reflection of my 35 years as a speech professor and a speech coach.”

Western’s president said that an earlier edition of this book was printed in 1999, but it was used more for a class he was teaching at the time.

Roger Swafford, director of public relations and marketing, said that he and Kendy Jones, director of campus printing and design services, began working on revising his existing text back in November, and the finished product was published in March.

“Dr. Vartabedian is a communications professor at heart,” Swafford
Vartabedian’s book is a quick-read in public speaking. He hopes it will target high school speech programs, various businesses or even clubs with a special interest in public speaking.

“I’m thinking that it has multiple audiences,” Vartabedian said.

Students at the college level could use this as a supplementary text to any book with an oral presentation component.

“When I came here eight months ago, I talked with Swafford,” Vartabedian said. “(I wanted to) see if we could market it as something that could be sold for a scholarship fund.”

Vartabedian and staff were trying to set a fair price and after looking at competitors, decided to price the book at $12.95. It may be shelved at Borders and Western’s bookstore.

“We will have it listed on and see if we can market this thing,” Vartabedian said. “Hopefully we can sell copies and enhance our scholarship fund.”

He hopes that if they come up with a good marketing plan, that it will become well-known and it will sell well.

“If nothing else, I think it’s good PR for the university,” Vartabedian said.

Vartabedian is appreciative of all the help he has received along the way with this project, particularly from Jones and Swafford.

“It made me greatly appreciate the skills of our graphic design people on campus,” Vartabedian said. “Kendy Jones and her staff worked diligently over the last several months.”

Jones enjoyed the opportunity to work with Vartabedian on this project.

“This type of project is out of our norm, as we usually do all of the marketing pieces for Western,” Jones said. “It was gratifying to do something different.”
He also could not have done this without the assistance of Swafford.

“He really took it upon himself to provide oversight over the whole project,” Vartabedian said. “Both Roger and Kendy and her staff, I think, really did a good job.”

Vartabedian is very excited about this book, and he hopes it markets well.

“It’s kind of my life work in 103 pages,” Vartabedian said.

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