Guns on campus may create massacre

Editorial Opinion

Everyone in America likes guns, right? Certainly, when the Constitution was drafted, guns were quite popular. Second only to free speech. Understandably, if you think about it, when much of the population still lived in wilds and had to hunt for food, and keep the wolves away. Guns make things like that much simpler. And with all the revolting that had recently gone on, it was nice to have a flintlock or blunderbuss available to match that soldier’s rifle.

These are not those times anymore.

Now Missouri is considering allowing concealed weapons to be carried at public universities. It is a fairly big issue. There are many mixed feelings on this. Here are some possible scerarios that could be the future of Missouri Western State University at least according to ideas around the Griffon News room.

These are not real tales, so try not to get scared.

Johhny Duke was sitting in class on a fine spring day and all was well save for the constant nervous twitch that the upcoming finals had given him. All it took was a single moment when he just snapped a pulled out the .38 special snub nose he was carrying in his sock.

“Screw this place!” Johnny exclaims as he waves the revolver over his head to the chorus of shrieks rising out of his classmates. He levels the barral at the professor and…Bang!

The student behind him has splattered Johnny’s grey matter all of the desk.

This could be the end of the story. Some might say that because there were more people armed in the classroom, that there was a greater chance to resolve the crisis without too much carnage. It is the “Old West” argument, that if the populace is better armed, less people might be inclined to go on a shooting spree. If Johnny had known the student behind was armed as well, he might not have drawn his own heater.

But Johnny wouldn’t have known that, because the issue is not simply about carrying guns in school, it is about concealing them as well.

It is the popular opinion of the Griffon Newsroom that the story wouldn’t stop there. It is believed that in this situation, all chaos would break loose and head straight for the fan.

Johnny’s college sweetheart, distressed from seeing her lover blown away, would whip out her Magnum and let fly three shots in the direction of the student who shot Johnny.

That student would dive for a cover behind a desk while calling on his posse for back up.

Four Holigans armed with semi-automatic glocks burst through the door, barrles ablazing as the class becomes a bloodbath of terror and violence.

By the time campus security shows up, the story is over. The guns are quiet and the moans are loud. The carnage could have been avoided, if Johnny never had the gun on him in the first place.

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