Good manners are more than just ettiquete, they should be law

Commentary Opinion

Good table manners will never go out of style. What happened to the kind of manners I grew up with? They have all but disappeared.

I learned old fashioned table manners mostly at Granny’s table. She would react so quickly to a display of poor manners; you would wonder how you got to the living room, without your dinner, in such a flash.

Granny was serious, we had strict rules to adhere to, or we would be excused from the table. It wasn’t just my family either; almost everyone I knew had the same etiquette instilled from early childhood. I should probably mention that this was in the sixties and seventies, a generation ago.

Children of my generation learned proper table behavior at home and at school. Teachers ate with their classes and students displaying poor manners were sent to eat alone.

While the methods of teaching have changed over the decades, some things have been completely lost. Elementary schools should still teach proper etiquette and junior and high schools should enforce some mealtime rules of etiquette.

People today seem to have forgotten basic table manners. Go to any restaurant at dinner time and you too can be disgusted by the lack of respect some people have.
I do not understand why a person thinks everyone else wants to see their food while they’re chewing it. Listening to someone chew is just as gross. I don’t want to hear it or see it. Granny would have approached the disrespectful diners and explained how she would be ashamed if someone at her table were to eat like that.

Some of Granny’s rules are better left forgotten. Like making sure we separated the gristle from the end of the chicken legs and thighs for Jr., the Siamese cat. Jr. had better table manners than some people I see eating in public places, where other people eat.

Parents should go back to Granny’s way of teaching manners, because whatever method being used now is not working.

My grandchildren may not have great manners elsewhere, but at my table, they are polite, respectful and pleasant. Be it at my house or in a public restaurant, or even at family get-togethers.

Whenever anyone eats with even one other person, he or she should remember being at Granny’s table and behave as if they are. What is the golden rule of table manners?

Never eat in a way that might turn someone else’s stomach.

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