Fun to be found on Western campus


With tuition being so high and the price of books steadily rising, it is hard for college students to have extra money to do anything else, especially the ones that are jobless. With the changing of the seasons, new outdoor activities will be available to the students.

Brittany Jones, a second semester freshman nursing major said, “I know it’s already hard trying to make sure that I have all the books that I need for my classes and make sure that I have my tuition completely paid off. When I finally do have a little money left over, I do not try to spend it, I would rather save it for next semester.”

When it comes to some college students, they would say that the best activities are the ones that are for free.

“There are many things that student could do that do not cost. As the temperatures get warmer, you can go for a walk, go to the park, play Frisbee; all this stuff is fun and free,” Lewis Harper said.

There are many things students as well as Saint Joseph locals can do with spending little to no money at all. People just have to look a little harder and be a little more creative.

There are many things people can do around campus, or close to campus.

For example, people can go fishing, go swimming in the pool in the Looney Complex, go across from the Commons Building and play basketball, football, kickball or soccer.

For the student that doesn’t appreciate those kinds of sports, they can go outside and play sand volleyball.

As the seasons slowly change, organizations have come up with more events for the students to do too.

“The organizations understand that we college students don’t have any money to anything so they try to come up with little activities for us students to do,” Senior Lee Williams said. ” I appreciate that because the outdoor activities are cool, but they get a little boring at times,”

If people would take time out to look around, they would find something to do during spring season. Even if it means just sitting outside with your friends and appreciating natures beauty.

For the person that has money and is blessed with the opportunity to participate in activities that are off campus, there are many things that they can do as well. They can go to and watch the latest movies or go to the mall. They can also go out to eat at the numerous restaurants in town or go, bowling or skating.

“Sometimes I think the people that don’t have a job have it good because although I have money, I can’t go out and do some of the things that people that aren’t working can do,” Martin Bradshaw said. “I’m always at work.”

There are pros and cons to everything that people do in life, but the simplest things can be the most rewarding.

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