Football Spring practice underway

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With the overall record of 6-6 last season the Griffons prepared for spring practice.

The Missouri Western football team began spring football practice on Mar. 26. The Griffons practice 15 times in a span of three weeks which concludes with its annual spring scrimmage on April 18.

The main purpose of spring practice is to shake cob webs and work on fundamentals. Spring ball gets the team all back on track of how things roll. For the freshmen they learn the playbook and make up lost time for being on the scout team.

“It gets us ready to go play again,” freshman Michael Hill said.

By going over old plays and installing new ones, spring ball has made the Griffons a smarter team mentally.

“We are becoming a more discipline and smarter team,” freshman Justin White said.

Major improvements have been made since the beginning of spring ball. One of the main objectives as a team is to get better everyday. The Griffons compete every time they’re together and pushing each other to work hard and better themselves.

Spring ball makes the Griffons stronger physically. It’s the first time the players have been in pads since last season. Spring practice gets the players’ bodies where they need to be.

“So it gets us prepared for what we have to face next season,” White said.

For the fall 2009 season the players are excited. The team has a lot of talent stepping on the field. They have all the tools the team needs to go all the way. The Griffons schedule is tough but as a team the players are ready to go out an battle.

The Griffons have seven home games this fall and that is a big factor. The Griffons plan on making it to the national championship game.

“We need the students to come support us to boost the team,” Hill said. “The fans help us out a lot.”

During spring ball the defensive line has been working really hard for next season. The players on the team are tough, fast and strong.

Western lost two great seniors: Martin Lane and Soane Etu, but the team will have great leadership from seniors Brad Davidson and Daniel Atkinson. The younger defensive linemen will be something to look out for a long time with these two players. It’s going to be a hard time stopping these beasts on the field next season.

The opposing teams are going to have a tough time stopping these hard working players, as long as the Griffons put in the work.

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