Spring Break: Close to home destinations


For many Missouri Western students, spring break will be a time to travel and enjoy many different types of scenery. However, one doesn’t need a plane ticket and passport to do so; all that’s needed is a full tank of gas, some extra spending cash, a map of Missouri, and a mind ready to be blown with a brand new experience.

Although many students will be traveling far, far away this spring break, numerous students will stay no more than 300 miles from our campus. As there are many places and cities close by that will bring great excitement for spring break, students have discovered that they can save money and enjoy a closer spot rather than traveling a great distance. Sophomore Hannah Sager plans to visit Springfield to not only visit some great places, but to also attend a youth group conference.

“This spring break I’m going to Springfield Missouri for a conference on how to build better youth groups and work with kids,” Sager said. “It’s for the church I’m working with, Grace of Evangelical.”

Springfield, which is located no more than 200 miles away, contains 30 shopping centers including the Battlefield Mall, Chesterfield Village, Primrose Marketplace, Brentwood Center, and the Plaza.

“I will probably do a little bit of tourism and hang out a little bit. This will give me a little break,” Sager said.

Among Springfield, there is another popular place of interest called Branson, Missouri. Branson, which is about 250 miles away, is one of the best fishing spots in the state of Missouri. Sophomore Joe Bailey found a sweet fishing spot up there by a cozy cabin.

“We are going to Branson, Missouri! We got a cabin on the river,” Bailey said. Bailey plans to stay in this cabin throughout spring break with his teammate, Freshman Nick Clark.
“We plan to stay all week there, fishing and having some fun,” Clark said.

As Branson is a great fishing spot, it is also a great spot to go to without having to spend much money. Branson contains many non-expensive attraction sites such as the Veterans Memorial Museum; Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum, and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

“We decided to go here because it was the cheapest vacation spot we can find here,” Bailey said. “This trip will probably cost around $75 to $100. We plan to do a lot of grilling and fishing so there is not a whole lot of expenses.”

A final spot of excitement is Canton, Missouri, which is about 217 miles away. Though many people have never heard of this great spot, Canton contains many parks that have boat rides, tours, ferries, and great historical sites. These parks include the Central Park, Martin Park, and the Cotton Bowl Park. Sophomore Ryan Logan plans to spend time in this amazing place while visiting his grandmother.

“I’m going to Canton, Missouri this Spring Break to visit my grandmother. I miss her and love her so much,” Logan said. “She recently moved there and I want to see how she’s living.”
As you can see, Missouri Western students know how to pick their spring break adventures. These places are within 300 miles away, have numerous exciting things to visit, and are affordable for all!

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