Senior feels fortunate to have had Western edge


I have been lucky enough to have great advisors while attending MWSU. As I graduate in May I might not have the opportunity to thank them all in person, so I am using this as an open letter to the individuals who have gone above and beyond in helping me make good decisions and life choices that I will value for the rest of my life and also to urge all students to make the most of the advisors assigned to you.

My first advisor was a professor in the Communications department, and she was fantastic. She helped in ensuring that my freshman year was varied and I took a wide range of subjects and core classes that made for a very interesting freshman year. She also helped start the process of deciding which major to choose. I had her in class as well and she was an interesting and thoughtful teacher. To this professor I offer my deepest thanks.

I switched advisors my sophomore year to a professor in the English department. I met her while she was teaching a class and enjoyed it so much I took another of her classes the following semester. This advisor has been instrumental in helping me decide my career path, and in the process has become a valued friend and mentor. She also encouraged me to participate in MWSU Study Abroad programs and thanks to her advice I was able to spend a great many months in London, England. To this professor I offer my deepest thanks.

At the end of my sophomore year I decided on becoming a Government and Public Affairs major and all the members of the department, including the head of the department have been a great help and value to me. These individuals have taught me well and have me love a subject I once thought nothing of. I have learned a great deal from them and hope to put my degree to some form of good use. To these professors I offer my deepest thanks.

In closing I urge all students to seek out their advisors and ask them for guidance! That is why you are assigned one. I think that most students tend to not realize the importance of having the help of these men and women who not only teach us but also have the ability to guide us through picking classes, majors and ultimately what we want to do with our lives.

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