Get your John Hancock on SGA’s Constitution


SGA President Harold Callaway III described the organization’s constitution as the framework of a house. Both serve as the structure and strength of the larger entity.
That’s why the ratification of the current constitution has been an issue of concern for the Missouri Western student body for the last two years.

Despite several missteps, the SGA is now prepared to present a final copy of the constitution to SGA’s senate on March 30. The senators will then vote on whether or not the current copy will go to the ballots for a student vote during the election April 7-8.

The failure to get this constitution on the ballots last fall was a critical error by the SGA.

However the fact that students will finally have the opportunity to vote on this matter of great importance shows that the system is working. Regardless of how the campus came to this crossroad, we will be able to use our vote and fix it.

With this new framework, the SGA will be able to pull up their sleeves and get down to the real work of helping run our campus on behalf of the students they were elected to represent. It is commendable that the current SGA administration persevered through this arduous task and is presenting the students with something that works for them.

Every student has the opportunity to look at the new constitution online at the SGA website and can attend the March 30 meeting to listen to the final issues brought to the table. It is the responsibility of the students approving the constitution to know what they are voting for.

While it is easy to feel removed from student governments actions in your day to day lives, the decisions they make affect your college experience.

It is vital that students exercise this hard earned right on election day because it is, in essence, holding up their end of the democratic process.

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