Fly away to your ultimate dream destination


The place to be this spring break is far, far away. Traveling in the next couple of days is going to be hard for most college students, but there are some students who have saved the money to make some fun trips. Taking a look at what is far away from Missouri’s cold and unpredictable weather.

The top destinations for spring break from Kathleen Crislip from is Cancun, Bahamas, Jamaica, Panama City, Acapulco, Miami, Florida, South Beach, South Padre Island, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and North America Ski Resort. Sophomore Katlin Elrod has one simple goal this spring break.

“To get as much warm weather as our group can get in a week,” Elrod said.

Her group of friends is planning to go snorkeling, wind sailing and visiting ancient ruins while running around Mexico.

Sophomore Kelli Sicner plans to visit Mexico too.

“Having fun with my friends and getting the trip pretty cheap,” Sicner said. My friends and I started Planning the trip about five weeks ago, se we are ready to have some fun.”

With many students tired of the cold, there have been groups of students happily going to Mexico to get away from Missouri’s very unpredictable weather. State Department travel advisory is warning high school and college students alike that they should maybe look into a different place for spring break. There have been many drug related violence/killings in the local areas of Cancun and Acapulco.

While some college students are heading south of the boarder, Missouri Western has a few students that are staying in the states. Florida, another popular spring break destination, is fun to hang in the sun. Everyone can have fun while hanging out on the beach, Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World, and many places people can go window shopping.
Freshman Kristyn Comstock plans on spending some time with her family on spring break.

“I am going on a family vacation to Disney World and one of my friends goes to the University of Florida,” Comstock said.

Sophomore Amanda Wilson is going to be spending Spring Break lying out on the Pensacola beach and hanging out in Panama City.

Junior Kristin Toll is planning a family trip, but one to Nevada and still going to have fun while visiting the family. “I’m going to Vegas to see family and my kids have a Tae Kwon Do tournament being held in Vegas,” Toll said.

Nevada holds many casinos with Vegas being the place to go and have fun many people hope to gain more money than they end up spending. Why are students going to Vegas outlines why Vegas is the best, saying Vegas has the best food and the best entertainment.

Even though you do go on vacation to relax, students must also be aware of losing lots of money in this lovely town of glitz, glam, and greed.

If none of these places have grabbed your attention, there are many places still available to go. California has Disneyland, California Adventure, Sea World and if you want to lie out on the beach you could travel to San Diego and lie out on the beaches of Coronado Inland.

Don’t forget your Passport if planning on traveling outside of the country. Paris, London, Greece, Finland or Aruba may sound like fun but make sure to be prepared for any emergency.
A person can do a lot during one week, just keep it safe and have some fun while homework sits and waits to be completed when students return from a week of relation.

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