New faces in new places make Griffons a better team overall


Why did the Griffons cross the road…to go to the championship?

The Missouri Western Griffons are off to a great season compared to last season’s record. The team has 8 out of 13 new players this season which added some help and could be the reason for the success this year. A lot of the players are out of state and with few returning from last year’s team.

The Griffons record so far is 11-13 and the wins double what it was last year.

The Griffons have a good foundation for future championship caliber teams. Their MIAA record is 7-8, which almost doubles last year’s output. The Griffons have taken on some tough opponents this season and the games have been pretty close compared to what I’ve seen in the past.

The games are more alive and exciting; fans are coming to support the Griffons. Against Missouri Southern, the Griffons shot the ball well. The total field goals were 33-57, and the three point field goals were 10-22. The guys show hard work and dedication and show their love for basketball.

Some star players on the team are Marcus Rhodes, Dominique Thuston and Lonnel Johnson just to name a few. These players start most of the games this season. Thuston and Johnson are the top scorers on the team. Marcus is a good player academically and on the court. These three players contribute to the wins along with their team mates.

The Griffons show great teamwork on and off the court. To have a team this well established, and that get along so well with each other is amazing. On most teams all the players don’t bond or interact as well. With the attitude the players have they can go far and make it to the championship if they keep pushing and take on one game at a time. Their record looks pretty good but there could be more improvements on defense.

Last season no one was really going to the games or caring about if they won, or who the Griffons were playing. The players weren’t showing like they are this season.

The statistics and the team record show what they’re capable of and the work that was put in.

Overall the Griffons have a bright future ahead for the Missouri Western basketball program.

This Griffon team has brought excitement back into the men’s basketball program.

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