Let it out; just talk into the mic


There is a place you can go where you can say what you really want to say, let it all go, and put your voice out there.

On Feb. 18 Western faculty Bill Church, Dana Andrews and Meg Thompson will host their fourth open mic night of the school year.

Heather Fields, a student at Missouri Western didn’t want to do the open mic at first, but then decided she wanted to try it. She did the open mic about four weeks ago.

“I just decided to do it, everyone was attentive, acceptive and it was surprisingly a lot of fun and I really liked doing it,” Fields said.

The last open mic night had about 50 people in the audience. Church, Andrews and Thompson hope for more people to attend each month and for it to become a well known event.

Church has come up with the name “New Lit. Out Loud”. It has been held at Café Acoustic and Fosters.

This time it will be held at Fosters once again starting at 7 p.m.  Church, Andrews and Thompson all would like to keep this event going at least once a month around the same time each month.

These faculty are hoping to help the community young and old alike have more ways they can express their creative writing and reading abilities
The open mic nights give people a good opportunity to get their work out to a different crowd and helps writers become better.

Thompson encourages people to get involved in the open mic.

“There is no age limit; high school students can come and read, but it is mainly older students and community members,” Thompson said.

So if there are younger adults attending please be aware that the language that the reader will use might be vulgar to an extent.

Andrews said that as long as no one is being racist or commenting on one person’s sexuality, then he does not mind the uncensored language. They are not censoring it because mainly they can’t. It is the reader’s right to read whatever has been written.

The writings that are going to be read are not all ways from Shakespeare. The readers read their own work as well as other writers’ works. Church, Thompson and Andrews have provided the opportunity to have unknown community members be able to share their work with others.

Bill Church said that there are rules to open mic.

“There is an etiquette that must be up held,” Church said. It is not dress code type etiquette. It is more of how much time one reads.  People might feel obligated to read the whole story but in order to maintain a timely event, there must be a time limit. The time limit is 10-12 minutes for each reading done.

Dana Andrews thinks open mic is a good experience for people to have.
“It is okay for one to write and not share their work but it is a different affect when one writer sees how others react to words the work,” Andrews said.
It helps with the way in which writers might write their next piece of work. It gives them a better view on how to write to an audience.

Ryan Bradley, a Misssouri Western student, has been involved in several of the open mic events on and off campus.

“I think open mic gives freedom to express yourself artistically and it’s tremendously a lot of fun,” Bradley said.

Open mic night is not a new program to Church. He said that it has been going on for a while now. This program however is new to Andrews and Thompson. They said they are enjoying hosting it and hope to continue for a while.

Open mic night is an outlet for people in the community and college students alike. It helps showcase their creative side when it is not what their job or career is intended to do. Everyone can be a writer even if they already have a job as a famer, construction worker or a doctor.

Open mic is open to anyone and everyone and is a great experience for self expression. It helps build comaraderie within the English department, community, and the entire school.

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