Griffons make home run hire commentary


Missouri Western has selected it’s new volleyball coach and it couldn’t have been a better hire
for the program.

David Williams and the search committee smashed an 0-2 fastball over the wall for the game winner by hiring Cory Frederick.

He is a perfect fit for the Griffon volleyball program.

Frederick is already connected to the Griffon volleyball family.

He served as an assistant coach for three seasons, under then head coach Cindy Brauck. He is a proven winner and is the right person to man the ship.

The Griffons, coming off a bad season, needed a hire like Frederick. In his five seasons as the Park University men’s volleyball coach, all he did was win games. He was 105-16, which translates to a .868 winning percentage.

He won a NAIA national title and was also a runnerup.

He won 30 games in a season and was constantly in the NAIA National Tournament. His accolades
speak for themselves.

The interest was high for the Missouri Western head volleyball coaching position. Numerous applicants applied for the job and Western cut it down to three finalists.

All three of the finalists had the credentials for the job, but in the end I believe MissouriWestern made the right decision in selecting Frederick.

I believe that Frederick is someone that can take Western to that next level. He is somebody that can make the Griffons a contender each and every year for the MIAA crown. Also, eventually he could turn Western
into a national contender year in and year out.

The Griffons are set up for a quick turn around, returning all the players from last season’s team. I know their will be an adjustment period, but with the talent that is returning and with a fresh start with a new coach the Griffons could surprise people in the MIAA next season.

The only question is if their will be an adjustment for Frederick going from the NAIA level to the Divison II level. It will be an adjustment, but not one I don’t think he will be able to handle.

He has proven that he is a winner and I don’t see why going up to a different level of competition
will make that any different for Frederick.

With the instability in the volleyball program it was important to hire someone that could not only win games, but someone that wants to be at Missouri Western for a long time. Someone that wants to build a winner,
along the lines of what Jerry Partridge has done with the football program here at Western.

So hats off to Dave Williams and the search committee for picking a solid coach with a winning background. Only time will tell if Frederick will turn the Griffon volleyball program around, but he certainly has the
proven background. One thing is for sure, for today Missouri Western has made a home run hire.

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