Division I transfer boosts Griffons


There is a shooting star on the rise named Marcus Rhodes, who hails from Gary, Ind. Majoring in recreation, this friendly athlete first picked up a basketball when he was in the second

Photo by Marty Ayers
Photo by Marty Ayers

grade. He officially knew he wanted to play basketball in the fifth or sixth grade.

“That’s when I started playing and knowing that was what I was probably going to do,” Rhodes said.

Growing up in Indiana, basketball was a way to escape reality for Rhodes. Everybody in his neighborhood would go to the park and play a few basketball games on the court.

Rhodes started in 2006 as a true freshman at Southeast Missouri State University averaging 6.5 points per game. Rhodes started nine games and played in all 31 games and shot 40 percent from the field and 30 percent behind the arc. He also made 17 three pointers.? In his second year at Southeast Missouri State, Rhodes played in 31 games and started 15 of those games. He made 45 percent of his field goal shots, 35.2 percent from behind the arc and19 three pointers. Every year he improves himself and his stats.

Rhodes transferred from his Division I school to Division II Missouri Western. Rhodes came to Western wanting to better his game and show off his skills. Because he was from a D-I school, Rhodes felt they would just focus on one specific player from his old team. Rhodes feels like he also has a chance to go overseas and play ball by coming to Western.

“The media’s good and the people support you,” Rhodes said. “It’s a good basketball program.”

Rhodes fits right in with the rest of the team with his love for the game, hustle for the ball and his ability to show his skills. Head coach Tom Smith believes that Rhodes brings fire to the Griffons basketball program.

“Rhodes brings toughness to the team and knows how to take the ball to the basket,” Rhodes said.

The season for him is good so far and he feels they can accomplish more. The MIAA championship is still a possibility.

“As long as we get in, we can take on any team that comes our way,” Rhodes said. “I think we have a chance of winning the tournament in Kansas City.”

Rhodes is number 55, a guard and plans to keep playing for the Griffons until he exhausts his eligibility. He has the ability to shoot the long ball and does very well on the backcourt.? Rhodes always finds ways to make his teammates better.


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