Student charged


Missouri Western criminal justice major Kenisha Jenkins is in trouble after recently being charged with felony stealing.

Kentucky Fried Chicken employee Jenkins, 26, is currently enrolled at Western and near graduating soon, but those plans may be disrupted by the recent charges leveed against her.

The St. Joseph Police Department received a call from the South Belt KFC on the morning of Jan. 20 regarding the theft of the three bank deposit bags which had been in Jenkins’ possession at the time.

According to the St. Joseph Police Department the money in the deposit bags in question totaled $1776.27.

Jenkins’ alleged that she had been robbed and assaulted by two men at the intersection of Messanie and Woodbine en route to the First Missouri Bank where the money was to have been deposited.

Jenkins became the suspect when police found no evidence of the alleged robbery in surveillance footage of the intersection.

According to the probable cause statement SJPD suspicions were confirmed when they searched Jenkins’ apartment where her brother, Martell Jenkins, 24, was found attempting to dispose of the money by flushing it down the toilet and stuffing it in a ceiling vent.

Police recovered $2159 from the scene. Martell Jenkins was charged with receiving stolen property.

The bags were discovered in a dumpster outside of the residence.

Also reported in the probable cause statement, Jenkins told police that she “had messed up and done something that she wished she did not.”

Jenkins was held on a $10,000 bond, but had been released as of Jan. 23. She will face charges in court Jan. 30.

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