KC Chiefs welcome at Western


  Welcome back to Missouri, Kansas Chiefs. Missouri Western and the city of St. Joseph are extremely excited to be the new hosts of the Chiefs’ summer training camp bringing the hometown team back to our state.

It just made good practical business sense to bring our team to our state. After all, not too many Packers fans packed the stadium to watch our Chiefs last year at the training camp in Wisconsin. Everyone from the local family-run business to the large corporate mega-giant retail store stand to gain financially.

The amount of revenue brought into the city by the team players as well as those wanting to come and watch them practice will be a huge asset. Parents will have the opportunity to enjoy some outside summer sporting fun with their children without the high cost of a ticket to Arrowhead.

Hometown Red Friday will hopefully sell more t-shirts at local businesses and serve more drinks at local bars. Hotels will be full with out-of-towners hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite player during practice and maybe even an autograph. Restaurants will definitely be serving more food during the training camp as these big players and their families have got to be big eaters; and hopefully big tippers.

The benefits for Missouri Western are countless. Yet, the biggest benefit is obvious, as Western will gain a new athletic center upgrade to better accommodate the NFL team. Other upgrades that will be necessary in years to come could include an increase in parking lot space, additional dining facilities near the fitness center and additional money poured into the campus from the outside sources.

Western has stayed the course for many years to entice the Chiefs to bring their camp to our school. Their perseverance has paid off and hopefully Western will be able to gain a little more recognition on the map when it comes to recruiting future athletes. What college student wouldn’t want to come and play for a school that hosts an NFL team during the summer for practices? And, what college student wouldn’t want to play for a school that had a state of the art facility? Perhaps bringing the Chiefs to Western will be just the boost Western needs to boost their own football program.

However, the old saying that you have to spend money to make money also applies to the move. While Western will gain money in grants they will also have to raise money to help fund the project. But, how many teams ever complain after winning the championship how much it will cost to build the case to hold the winning trophy?

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