Todd, Chamblee win SGA election


Student Government Association elections were held on Nov. 18-19, and the Missouri Western State University student body has determined the direction that the leadership of SGA will take this spring.

Nearly 800 students cast their vote in the election, 571 of which voted in favor of Josh Todd/Ernest Chamblee in contrast to the 226 votes for their opponents Logan Parker/ Brock Schmutzler.

Despite having captured 70 percent of the votes, the pair is grateful for the opportunity to lead the SGA.

“Ernest and I are honored that the students have elected us to represent them,” Todd said. “We have a shared vision to make SGA more transparent, and I can guarantee we are going to give back to the students for everything they have given us.”
His running mate, Ernest Chamblee agrees with the incoming presidents sentiments.

“I think students want to better Missouri Western, and our ways made sense to them,” Chamblee said. “Everyone wants to know what’s going on in the SGA, and we’ll tell them. The students that voted for us know that we’ll take the school in the direction they want to see.”

Running on a platform of experience and transformation, the Todd/ Chamblee ticket secured the SGA presidency and stated that, “[They] are going to create equality, voice and unity in the Senate.”

Their plans were based on three core initiatives that they intend to see implemented in their first term. Todd/Chamblee’s plans would include: bi-weekly e-mails to the Missouri Western student body to inform them of SGA’s current activities and SGA funded events, a president’s column in The Griffon News in order to keep students apprised of the work of the SGA President on a weekly basis and the addition of a public relations director on the executive board to maintain student awareness and excitement about SGA.

“The students at Missouri Western yearn to be heard, and I will not be satisfied until we have given them their voice back,” Todd said. “We have great plans mapped out for the next year. We want to bring unity back to this campus, and hope that everyone will get in on the effort.”

heir term include: a successful full-scale campus recycling program, an effort to begin development of Greek housing at Western, the encouragement of Western clubs and organizations to take advantage of funding opportunities with the SGA and the establishment of an annual flat fee charged for use of the Health Center rather than the current daily visit fees.
Outgoing president Harold Callaway feels optimistic about the future of the SGA.

“I have respect for both sets of candidates, either would do a good job,” Callaway said. “But now that it’s Josh Todd and Ernest Chamblee, I’m as much behind them as I would have been the other candidates.”

The only advice he offers his successors is to pay attention, be aware and know how the student body is feeling.
Todd shares similar views on this matter.

“I look forward to seeing fellow students on campus, and encourage everyone to stop Ernest and I to ask any questions you might have about SGA,” Todd said. “We are here to help you.”

The two sophomores have been on members of SGA for two years in various capacities which they feel has given them insight into the way that SGA has been running and how to improve upon the work of the administrations of their predecessors.

Chamblee feels the pair has what is required to get the job done.

“I’ll break it down to three parts when it comes to our priorities, what I see in Josh is getting out and informing students,” Chamblee said. “Mine would be exciting students and welcoming them. For us together, it’s making Missouri Western a place students want to be.”

SGA election voter and former SGA Vice President Luke Herrington is pleased with the student body’s selection of leadership.
“I know that my candidates won,” Herrington said. “Although the current administration has let the students down, I’m confident that Josh Todd and his new vice president will do an exceptional job.

“I am excited. I think that the students have been waiting for a long time, but they finally have a group of candidates who can restore the positive image of the SGA by putting students first, inspiring new student leaders, and encouraging the development of useful programs.”

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