Historic change requires renewed patriotism


I am really tired of hearing comments about Barak Obama being assassinated.

There have been a couple of reports on the news about such activity going on in a threatening manner.

These actions were taken very seriously, but how serious were they really?

I’m really cool with having a black president.

Obama is a very smart man and he is certainly a negotiator rather than an aggressor. People, Republican values just don’t work.

Look what the Democrats did with the economy under Bill Clinton. Now take a look at our economy under the Republican’s reckless spending habits.

Can you imagine the ignorance of assassinating someone because of their color? That’s exactly what it would be, ignorance!

America is made up of many different ethnic backgrounds all united into one and that is the foundation of America itself.

As human beings we should embrace this ideology and understand the ethics of it by leaving out the ethnic differences.

I would really hate to be in the inner cities like Los Angeles if Obama gets assassinated. We would be facing riots and chaos on a large scale and I really wouldn’t blame anyone for losing it.

It’s about time America stands up and defends the freedom so many people have died for.

Veteran’s Day recently passed and I hope everyone, and especially the younger generations, truly understand what that day is all about.

We write whatever we want to, we worship whoever we want to, we speak however we choose without stipulations, we come and go as we want and wherever we want.

Small freedoms like these are overlooked because it’s a way of life, but billions have died defending that freedom and it should not be overlooked.

America has its first black president and I think it’s an historical event that has hopefully reshaped the way people think about what “united” really means.

Even in my everyday walk in life I am hearing ridiculous comments and distasteful jokes about Obama being elected and what it means for everyone now.

Certainly everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when it’s based on color itself, I find it to be very closeminded thinking.
The real jokes should be about George W. Bush. Never mind, he has made a complete joke of himself, by himself.

I look forward to a future of change that I feel Obama is going to bring to the table.

Bush and the Republican party have shamed America in a bad way.

Not only is our economy in shambles, but we have more enemies in the world now than we ever have.

Obama has a big job ahead of him and I think he is capable of facing those challenges head on and full force. One big benefit we have is that other world leaders favor Obama, and that’s a major positive note for the future of our country.

This is a time for celebration. It is a major victory that will go down in history and has a huge impact on the foundation of equality that America stands for.

Shallow thinkers make shallow judgments and simpletons make ignorance reality. The truth is in the history itself.

The next time you hear someone making snide remarks about Obama attached to race remind them of how long and hard he has worked for the values of America and follow it up with a question: what have you done for the interest of your country?

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