Staff Editoral: Don’t lose steam; just one more vote

Graphic: Mandie Nocita

In the aftermath of a presidential election that lasted nearly two years, it’s difficult to imagine getting caught up in another major election just a few weeks later.

Well Missouri Western, it’s true, election season is still upon us. Students will cast their votes on Nov. 18-19 to elect new leaders of WAC, SGA, and the RC.

The election of President-elect Barack Obama was historic, and a moment you will all look back on as a day that Americans made a statement about the direction that they wanted to take.

Well, the opportunity is here to affect change in your own backyard. You can have input on the direction that Missouri Western is going based on the votes you cast.

Every semester you are enrolled in Missouri Western State University as a full-time student you are charged a $50 SGA fee that contributes to a budget of nearly $.5 million.

You have a justified reason to be interested in which students are managing such a large amount of money invested by the student body.

The SGA is the governing body that advocates for you, the student. Elect a person that represents your interests and those of Missouri Western in the long term.

The race between WAC candidates should also be of great interest to the average students.

They are, by name, the Western Activities Council. They serve to entertain and invigorate Missouri Western with activities, events and concerts.

Both WAC and the SGA handle substantial budgets. The decisions of individuals at the helm of these organizations affect the things that will shape our college experience.

President-elect Barack Obama lost the state of Missouri, but won Buchanan County by a mere 47 votes. Every vote has the possibility of being the factor that sways things.

Don’t let yourself believe that foregoing your vote in the University’s election is justified. Every vote always counts.

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