Coffee addicts celebrate with just one more cup

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Java City addicts rejoice, for a miracle has occurred.

No longer will our coffee needs be ignored, the fix you desire is now available, courtesy of extended hours.

As a regular Java City devotee I always lamented the fact that after my morning coffee I had to suffer through the inevitable crash around two o’clock, exactly when Java City closes. You’ve probably even seen me make the sprint from Eder to the library in an effort to obtain the last fix of the day. It’s shameless but completely worthwhile.

I frequent Java City at a minimum of three times a week for a large vanilla cappuccino. Most often following an 8 a.m. class with a few of the ladies who favor a post-copy-editing pick-me-up as much as I do. I assure you that the combination of caffeine and complaining offers an incomparable lift everyone should partake in frequently. Now that the hours have been extended, I can assure you I’ll be a frequent Java City offender.

Missouri Western students should know how accommodating Aramark director Jim Maides is. I approached him to inquire why Java City has such limited hours. He explained that despite an effort to extend the hours of operation in the past, the extension itself had not experienced patronage that would justify the cost of operation. He also expressed an interest in giving the idea of longer hours another chance if that was what Missouri Western really wanted.

I’m a believer, we want it. I believe in the strength of caffeine addicts and the desperation they suffer from withdrawal. I promise you, “If you extend it, they will come.”

Today I discovered that beginning Mon. Oct. 20, Java City will serve from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. rather than closing at 2 p.m.

The success of Java City’s new and improved hours is reliant on your patronage. The more coffee you buy, the more likely we can continue indulging in late afternoon coffee.

If it doesn’t sound appealing to you yet, you must have forgotten how wretched last winter was. There are two reliable cures for bone-numbing cold: one is prohibited on dry campuses and the other used to stop being available at 2 p.m. everyday. Let’s enjoy the latter’s newfound accessibility by supporting it and buying mass amounts of coffee.

Tomorrow when I get my morning kick-start from Java City barista Pam Dawson, I’m going to hold my coffee and thank Jim Maides for extending these hours.

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