Sold-out dinner serves split political perspectives

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Each year’s Convocation allows for a special dinner the night before that allows patrons to meet the guest speaker.

The married political pundits, James Carville and Mary Matalin, spoke to a capacity crowd at the Fulkerson Center Monday night for the 15th annual Dan Boulware Convocation on Critical Issues dinner that helps fund each year’s speaker. The dinner, which was the fastest selling in Western’s history, sold out in a matter of days and had a nearly 200 person waiting list. According to Dan Nicoson, vice president of university advancement, this can be attributed to the impact it has on the surrounding area.

“I am convinced that this Convocation, series in its fourteen years, now fifteenth year, has brought more national experts for our community to be exposed to than any other event,” Nicoson said. “This just isn’t a university event, it is a community event.”

Carville and Matalin addressed the crowd during dinner and spoke on several issues, including the market panic that had occurred earlier that day. Even though the couple takes residence in separate political camps

their message was the same.

“We are American,” Carville said. “Married, young, old, Republican, Democrat. We are all Americans and we can work through our differences.”

Matalin also reiterated that it was our duty to be involved politically, to understand the events that are happening now, and to believe in the country.

“There’s so much that we [the public] don’t know what’s happening,” Matalin said. “We didn’t know about Georgia coming, we didn’t know about people flipping on energy with the moratorium on offshore drilling being lifted last week. That sometimes we think that people are going to go into a panic. I don’t think we will. I have faith in our country.”

The dinner also helped spotlight the community businesses and donors who helped fund the Convocation.

“The foundation is very proud of this event,” Nicoson said. “Having said that, it still would not be possible without our thirty-one corporate sponsors. This dinner also is a way to thank them.”




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