Griffon football needs better atmosphere

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There is something special about a cannon going off, especially coming from a Greek frat house. It could be something awesome is going down, maybe a party to end all parties.  At Northwest though, a cannon going off at a frat house is just a signal to start the next football game.

Last week, when that cannon went off, it was just not an ordinary football beginning, but the next battle in an ongoing rivalry pitting our football team against theirs. It was quite different in atmosphere than when they were here.

Yes, there was a lot of spirit and excitement in the atmosphere last year when they came and battled us on our turf, but it paled in comparison to last week when we went to their turf.

Besides the aforementioned cannon going off,  there was the crowd cheering “B-E-A-R-C-A-T-S” with their cheer squad as they waved the flags with that letter, the crowd  screaming “first down” when the announcer asked for it, a mascot that knows how to excite a crowd and a marching band that knows how to play and dance.

That is the kind of atmosphere that makes a great football game even better.  It may not be indicative of all their games but it is still a show.

Last year, we did not have nearly that much excitement and it is disappointing.

Maybe the other teams in the MIAA conference do not put on a show like that but Northwest is our rival and we are losing the war against them at everything, including this.

Yes their stadium is newer and cooler looking, but we could have just the same atmosphere as they have if we try and want it, but it seems that unfortunately, we don’t.

If we want to be a big, important, and equal rival to Northwest, we need to show that kind of enthusiasm. It can start at the football game.

We have some of those elements Northwest has, but we need to step it up several notches and its starts with the crowd. Our football team can draw in a crowd, but the sport, public relations, music, and cheer squad people need to help build that level of enthusiasm and keep it going throughout the game.

I am not asking for a dancing marching band, but a marching band that can entertain the crowd, not do the standard boring marching band routine.

I am not asking for an improvement to our stadium (all though that would be nice).

I am definitely not asking for a canon going off every time our team scores a touchdown.

What I am asking is more show in the game. Yes, the game is the primary focus of the event, but it could be as entertaining, or even better than Northwest if we take the necessary steps to do so. With that we can start battling Northwest and their encroachment and dominance in our territory.

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