WAC doubles the fun with two rappers instead of one

Editorial Opinion

Bravo to the Western Activities Council. In light of recent criticism about the delay of the announcement, WAC responds by unveiling a major affair that students should be impressed with. Yung Joc and Rick Ross will be coming to St. Joseph, all due to the efforts of WAC. They have enticed two big names of the hip-hop music world to cross our corner of nowhere and put on a double feature. This is a feat that Missouri Western State University should look upon WAC and say job well done.
Rick Ross weighs in at 300 lbs and stands at 6’2’’, which might be why the New York Times described him as a “hip-hop heavyweight.” Just last week he topped billboard charts with his new single “Trilla” and appeared on such hit shows as “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

Yung Joc was one of the best new hip-hop artists of 2006 and he has two chart toppers under his belt. On his Myspace.com page he self describes his style “I make fun music but don’t get it twisted,” says Joc. “I’m a hustler. That’s why I’m in the position I’m at.”  It seems WAC knows how to hustle as well in scoring such talent for their spring concert on April 10 at the St. Joseph Civic Arena.

The hard work and social networking that must have went into the works of engaging these artists to come perform for WAC’s annual spring concert must have been tough to do, but WAC has pulled it off in a commendable job of providing the students to a truly spectacular show. Don Willis, director of student engagement, and Janell Banks, president of WAC, should be acknowledged for their effort in the work that brought Yung Joc and Rick Ross to a show that students attend for free as long as they provide their student IDs.

While it still would have been nice to have had greater advanced notice so students would have had more time to plan their lives around the show and also given more time for publicity and ticket sales, it is nice to see that WAC was able to provide big in the entertainment factor of this little city. Students should make sure they take advantage of this opportunity to see such big-ticket performers. Remember, it was your money that WAC used to make this show possible. If you paid your student fees then you have already paid for your admission. It would be just silly not to use the service that you paid for.

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