Relax, only two stressful weeks left, then it’s over


It is here. The end of the semester crunch time. Students squirm, sweat and worry over the outcome of the semester as finals week draws near. This is a time of great stress for many students. This is the time of year when all the projects and research papers that have been put off all semester long come due. This is the time when truant students realize that maybe they should not have skipped so much. This is the time when teachers who haven’t gotten as far in their lesson plan as they had originally set out to do really throw it into overdrive. This is the end of the semester and it is a very stressful time.

Stress is a universally nasty thing. It colors your moods, plays havoc on your body and runs game on your head. There is some evidence to support that stress kills. The gunman at Virginia Tech was certainly under a great deal of stress when he began his killing spree.

Students at Missouri Western State University are as vulnerable to end of the semester stress just as students anywhere. The best advice any student could receive at this time is “stay calm” or “don’t panic.”

Getting stressed out really never helps any situation. There are a plethora of tools and resources available to the modern student to help reduce the level of stress one can undergo.

There is an excellent student services department on campus. If it is needed, there are tutors ready to help. There are masses of students waiting to unite into all night study groups. There is counseling services offered free to students. Sometimes just naming the beast that plagues your soul is enough to drive it off.

You can’t name anything if you don’t talk about it. If a counselor is not your bag, then just talk to a friend.

Just do something. Because if you are one those students who feels that life has suddenly become this smothering wave of stress and you don’t know what the next thing will be, and if it will be the thing that makes snap, then you need to do something. Anything would help. Before you start feeling like the end of semester stresses have turned you into straight jacketed, drooling, babbling maniacs locked up within the confines of these institutional halls, you have to relax and realize that this is almost over.

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