Furniture rearrangements bring hope for atmosphere changes


For those who do not know, the furniture that was once in the Blum Union was moved to the food court on March 7, the Friday before spring break.

This decision was deliberated for several months because of the noise level and behavior that was on going in the union.
Duane Bruce, associate for student development, said the decision was made in response to several occurrences of disruptive behavior in the Blum Student Union.

Bruce explained what would replace the old furniture in the Blum.

“Because it is our intention to make the lounge a place for students to meet and study, we are adding high top tables and chairs to facilitate a better learning and meeting environment,” Bruce said.

Students and staff have very different opinions about the new changes.

Western student Danyale Jones shared her thoughts about the changes.

“I think that it’s absurd because it’s a union for the students, he brought up the issue about when people come in to tour the school that some Caucasians sometimes get intimidated to see a large group of black people in the union,” Jones said.

Bruce clarified the misunderstanding.

“Often times what is seen in the lobby are students of color. The perception that comes off is that the students of color at that point become an issue and that’s what we’re trying to stay away from,” Bruce said.

“Yes the Blum is a community place, but it is not a place where disruptive behavior will be tolerated. Several complaints were made from students, teachers, faculty and staff about the behaviors, and if there is disruptive behavior the Dean of Student Development and public safety can make that decision,” Bruce said.

The staff at the Missouri Western bookstore had no comment about the new changes, and neither did Dining Service Director Jim Maides.

Grant Williams, a student at Western, discussed his feelings about the new change.

“People don’t know how to act, when people come to orientation they don’t need to see the Blum looking a mess and people being loud,” Williams said.

Diana Klumpe, another Western student, said she is not affected.

“It doesn’t faze me because I only went in the Blum to wait for my next class. Other than that I’m really not worried about it,” Klumpe said.

So many people are affected differently and some are not affected at all. But no matter the change, it is only made in the best interest of the Missouri Western community.

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