Student strikes into history

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Missouri Western Junior Jennifer Myers, who is a nursing major, did something historic, when she bowled in her Monday night mixed league in Atchison, Kan., she bowled a perfect game.

There has been many perfect games bowled in bowling, but the feat had never been achieved by a woman in the history of the town of Atchison. Myers fought through the nervousness when she went up there in the last frame to achieve this score.

“When I went up there for the tenth frame my legs were shaking really bad, honestly I felt like I was going to throw up,” Myers said.

The last ball Myers threw in the game was extremely dramatic. Her last ball came up a little high and the seven pin stood wobbling. The pin swayed and finally fell over to give Myers her perfect game. Myers collapsed against the wall, the emotion of the event had drained her. Bob Myers the owner of West Lanes and Jennifer’s father thought the pin was never going to fall over.

“That pin took forever to fall over and a lot of the guys standing around had tears in their eyes, it was pretty emotional,” Myers said.

Myers doesn’t have a major amount of bowling experience. She began bowling in second grade and continued until the fifth grade. She then stopped bowling until her senior year, when she got back into the sport. She is happy and knows her parents are proud of her.

“I know my mom and dad are really proud of me and that’s a good feeling,” Myers said.

For West Lanes Bowling Center, this was a big event. Women have come close to bowling a perfect game and it finally happened. This was the ninth perfect game bowled at West Lanes this season. For Bob this was a significant event for his bowling center.

“I think it would have been exciting if any women was going to bowl a 300, but since it was my daughter it made it a little more exciting,” Myers said.

Myers achieved every bowlers dream that Monday night. She believes the achievement of bowling a perfect game is enough. The fact that she is the first woman is just an added bonus. It’s a night Myers certainly will not forget anytime soon.

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