Golf team glad to have Evans on board

The Missouri Western Women’s golf team was struggling to find someone to fill their roster up to four players. Head Coach Cathy Habermehl was desperate for anyone who could strike a ball or stroke a putt. That desperation led her to select a Music Education major with no competitive golfing experience in high school or college. People may wonder where or how Habermehl could find such a player. However, the slim possibility and timing that led to the discovery of Missouri Western senior golfer Kim Evans could only mean one thing. This was not a coincidence. While playing golf at Lakeview Golf Course in the small town of Hamilton, Mo., Habermehl found the player to round out the roster. This was probably the last place she expected to find her fourth member. Evans didn’t play golf in high school because she was playing softball in the fall at the same time golf was taking place. She was a varsity level athlete in every sport she participated in which included basketball, track, and the aforementioned softball. She only played golf once a year and that was during the summer. At first, Evans was questioning the possibility of her playing golf for the Griffons because of her busy schedule which includes student teaching of music at Cameron High in Cameron, Mo. “I thought, ‘this is crazy.’ I play golf once a year during the summer,” Evans said. “Then this lady who I don’t even know wants me to come play on her team.” However, once she was offered a scholarship to help out with her tuition in her last year, she decided to take a chance and see what she could do for the team. Evans is glad she took that chance. Finding time between student teaching and finishing up her senior year of college has not been easy for Evans. “It’s really difficult I’ll admit,” Evans said. “But it’s definitely worth it.” She teaches at the school daily until it is over, comes to golf practice, then returns home to make lesson plans or whatever is required of her teaching responsibilities. Habermehl is pleased with the things Evans provides for the team skill wise as well as personality wise. “Kim has a great personality and a natural athletic ability,” Habermehl said. “When you don’t have things to laugh about, she finds things to make you laugh.” The comic relief and life experience that Evans provides for the team is easily overlooked as it traditionally is not something people put value on for a sports team. However, Evans believes that her sense of humor is one of her major strengths as an athlete and especially on the golf squad. “I find myself a lot just trying to lighten things up a little bit. Some of these girls are pretty serious golfers and they’ve been at it their whole lives,” Evans said. “Being able to lighten things up is a whole lot of fun.” Habermehl believes that Evans senior status and life experience causes her to bring an important aspect to the younger players on the team. “I think that they really enjoy that she’s serious about her golf but when it’s over she knows that there is always the next round,” Habermehl said. “I think they respect her.” Habermehl has enjoyed having Evans on the team and believes she has a bright future ahead of her. “I just think she’s a great person, she’ll be very successful in whatever she does and she’s good with people,” Habermehl said. “She’s been a godsend to our team.” Looking back now, perhaps it wasn’t a bad idea to select a Music Education major with no prior competitive golf experience to be a college golfer.

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