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WoofsIf you thought for a second that all this girl could do is play basketball, you are dead wrong. Point guard and soon to be Missouri Western Alumni on May 10, Chemia Woods, has proven a lot of people wrong in her life and is not done yet by a long shot.

Being a success has not always been so easy for this southern belle, as she found out about the tribulations of life at an early age.  Woods was originally born in Dallas, Texas, but moved to Arkansas when she was four. It was also the time her parents’ divorced and she learned of the harsh realities of life.

“There were times growing up when I wanted to have a father figure in my life, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.” Through this adversity, Woods unearthed valuable life lessons she would take with her in the future.

Woods grew up in Menifee, Ark., where she discovered her God given talent in the fifth grade, basketball. Honing her skills, Woods realized her true potential while attending Morrilton High School. She was a guard on the Arkansas Class 4A State Championship team during the 2003-04 seasons. Also in her junior and senior year, she was a two-time, All-State selection. This opened the floodgates for a college career in basketball, more importantly, a basketball scholarship to Missouri Western.

“On my visit, the faculty, students and people I met in the community were really nice,” Woods said.

Besides a national championship, this Griffon has accomplished most achievements in her basketball career at Western. “I can honestly say I don’t have any regrets really, I’ve enjoyed every second of it, the good, the bad and the ugly,” Woods said. Basketball will not end for this all-star after graduation either, “I will ride it til` the wheels fall off,” Woods said. 

Basketball is in the immediate future for Woods, but in the event that it does not pan out, there is a fallback plan. “If basketball doesn’t work out for me, I plan to attend gradu­ate school, get a master’s of arts in some type of mass communications program, get a PhD and maybe one day become a professor,” Woods stated.

Her future is bright and radiant, whether we see her on television playing basketball, or in the classroom lecturing about interpersonal communication. So, tell us Chemia, which door do you want to open next, 1, 2, or 3?

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