Western’s Carter: family man first; golfer second


Most college students have a hard time juggling between school, work and playtime.

Western’s own Caleb Carter is a full time student, plays for the men’s golf team, is married and has a kid all the prime age of 21.

Born, raised and now raising a family in St. Joseph, Carter could not be happier with the safe environment St. Joseph has provided him. He graduated from Benton High School in 2005, and has a sister who is currently a senior there. Carter, most importantly, is a family man. He has as full plate in front of him, but his first priority is his wife Megan Carter and his daughter Grace. Between school, work, golf and being a father he is most proud of his fatherhood, but it is the most time consuming also.

“Golf and school only take a couple hours, being a dad takes a lot more time than that,” Carter said. On the other hand, Coach Jim Perry, Western’s Men’s golf coach as another more lackadaisical and humorous opinion on Carter and his life juggling abilities. “That boy does not know what stress is,” Perry said.

“He has a really great attitude, and puts a lot of tough things in life before a lot of others.” Carter picked up golf from his father at the age of three. He loves the sport more than any other, this is his second year playing for Western and he does not plan on it being his last. Carter is attending school as a sophomore; he is working on his criminal justice major and is a cashier at Price Chopper.

“I love the criminal justice field,” Carter said.

“I want to work for a Federal agency, more specifically I want to be a U.S Marshall.”

During the busy golf season Carter does not work as much, nor is he home with his family. Although it is tough on him, he has a strong comrade among his fellow teammates.

“We all get along great, although we spend two to three day a week together in a hotel we kind of have to,” Carter said.

 He has hopes to being a professional one-day, but he is aware how hard it is. But knows he would need to step up his game to do so. But he was not bashful to comment about his few career wins against Westerns best men’s golfer Aaron Lisenbee. “I think he is going to be pretty good if he keeps practicing,” said Lisenbee.

“ He has beat me a couple of times, he beat me in the conference championship and was pretty happy about it.”

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