Student wellness fair provides free services


Recreation Services in coordination with nursing students and physical education majors, was responsible for putting together Missouri Western’s Wellness Fair this February 13 and 14.

At the Wellness Fair, students could learn their body mass index and have their blood pressure and pulse taken.
The measurements were taken by nursing students and physical education majors.

Students also had the opportunity to participate in the sit-and-reach test, as well as sit up and push up tests.

After finding out one’s own results, students were told whether or not they fell into the expected category for their age.
If not, the budding health care professionals had information and ideas regarding how to lower blood pressure, improve flexibility, etc.

Junior, Amanda Hake, participated in the day’s free services.

“I wasn’t really surprised by what I learned about my health today; I try to keep myself physically fit since both sets of my grandparents are diabetic,” Hake said. “I’m a pharmacy technician, and I get to see people who are on maintenance drugs every day, so I practice sort of what you could call preventative maintenance. A lot of people don’t realize that everything they do now affects the way they feel down the road.”

Davi Conrad was one of the students in charge of calibrating BMI and administrating the flexibility tests.

She was surprised by the variety of students who turned out for the event.

“This is my first time participating in the student wellness fair,” Conrad said. “I expected to see mostly athletes, but there were really a lot more just regular people.”

Conrad, an exercise science major, participated in the event for credit in her PED 191 class.

“I think it’s good for students to know if their blood pressure is high at this age, that way they can take steps now rather than develop blood clots or have heart problems later on,” Conrad said.

Amy Foley, the Fitness Center Coordinator for Recreation Services, was responsible for organizing the Wellness Fair.

As a maker of a number of the tri-folds on display, Foley had a lot of sway as to what information was presented.

“I focused a lot on things I knew were issues,” Foley said.

In particular she felt that body art, such as tattoos and piercing, needed to be brought to attention.

“I also hit STD’s really hard this year,” Foley said.

This is Foley’s second year organizing the Wellness Fair.

She also works in the fitness center.

Other tri-folds displayed were made by various health professionals as well as students.

Many students working at the Wellness Fair were nursing students who are required to have community service hours in order to graduate.

Nursing student, Dusty Helsel expressed how he felt about community service.

“Basically the nursing students have the opportunity to give back to the community for Community Health Class,” Helsel said.

Information about cholesterol, the benefits of sleep, dangers of stress, facts about alcohol and information about breast cancer and mammograms was readily available.

There was a list of campus recreation services reminding students of everything from the racquetball courts to the walking trail.

Provided free to anyone who came to the Wellness Fair, were a variety of healthy snacks, beverages and free condoms.

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