Love deserves more than just 24 hours a year

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There is a very special day coming up that is very important to the American economy. The second biggest  holiday card seller. One billion “I love you” messages will be posted and carried into the hands of waiting sweet hearts across the country. For 24 hours every gentlemen will have a chance to sweep his lady off her feet just one more time. Love will fill the air with pink hearts and chocolate passion. It will soon be Saint Valentine’s Day. Hallelujah for romantics, capitalists and consumers everywhere.

This day, like all holidays, really gives me that special fuzzy feeling. It brings a tear to my eye. It is sad that such a powerful ritual has become so besotted with commercials and unreasonable standards of expectation. I know guys that redeem a years worth of bad bedside behavior  with an act of capital sacrifice totaling his monthly worth. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby, here is an IPOD, now I am going to go on and spend the rest of the year acting like the same butt face that I did yesterday. I know girls that have come to hold this day as a test. If he doesn’t get me that diamond bracelet then maybe he doesn’t really love me enough.  It makes me cry.

It started out as such a pure thing. Valentine was quite a rebel. During the third century in Rome, Emperor Claudius II had felt that young men had made better soldiers if they didn’t have wives and children to consider back home. So naturally he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine fought this injustice by secretly marrying young lovers until he was discovered by the emperor and put to death. An act of dissent brought on by the power of love. A man acting for justice even in the face of death.  What could be more beautiful than that?

This doesn’t have to be another over commercialized, preserved and canned, soulless, corporate holiday. It doesn’t have to be a day where the only thing you can do is about the Benjamin’s behind the buy, but instead about the heart that goes into the gift. Instead of getting her a giant IPOD that holds two years worth of music, get her a smaller MP3 player but preprogram it with songs that make her think of you, or songs that make you think of her and let her know that those songs are the songs you wish you could sing to her if you had the talent. MP3 players become the mix tape on steroids. Instead of a generic card, get a blank one and put your favorite poem on it and decorate it yourself. Instead of buying her the latest of the line out at Gordon’s, why not go for an antique necklace that speaks of class that can’t be touched by getting her jewelry that anyone with enough cash could have purchased. All it takes is a little thought and a lot of heart to make the difference between a gift and a symbol of love.

Make it beautiful.

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