Bunch has been a leader for Griffons

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Reggie Bunch, a Western Men’s basketball player, is concluding a great season.

Bunch is a sophomore and has a lot of potential for his future years here at Western. He led the team in per game minutes with 32.9, with that much time on the court it was hard for him not to lead the team in other categories. Bunch had more rebounds than any other player with an average of 7.7 a game, and comes in a close second with 16.8 points per game.  His 6’5” frame and excellent shooting skills, it is hard for Bunch not to score points when he is shooting about 14 shots per game.

Men’s head basketball coach, Tom Smith, is very pleased with Bunch’s achievements this year, and feels he has a lot of potential for the future.

“Reggie is a great player, he is young and has a lot more learning to do,” Smith said.  “But he is a great asset to the team.”
Bunch displays hard work and a lot of effort during practices, therefore, keeping him in good shape.

“I work hard for my accomplishments everyday,” Bunch said. “I am trying to be productive, I work hard during practice so it is easy for me during games.”

Coach Smith feels like Bunch is one of the best offensive players the Griffons have right now.

“He shoots well, runs well, and puts up a lot of points, he is a great attribute to this team’s offense,” Smith said.

Bunch has so far played in every game this season, and will continue to practice and play hard until he has a championship.
“My future goal for this team is to lead us to a conference and national championship,” Bunch said. “I will try and step up and be a leader to achieve my goals.”

Bunch has also led his Racine, Wis. high school to two Wis. state championships, in doing so he was All-State player for two years, first All-Country for three years, and a first Team All Conference for three years.

Since the season is coming to an end, Bunch said he would like to continue for his degree in recreational management. Although, he does not have a girlfriend right now, Bunch is on the hunt now with a little more time in his schedule. He claims if all goes well he will continue this education and basketball career at Western. He will look to finish this season strong and build for next year.

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