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The Missouri Western’s basketball team has been getting all the breaks this season, in all the wrong ways.

The women’s basketball team have lost two key players to injuries. The first player they lost was junior, Amanda Thomas. She was supposed to be a key contributor to the team this season.

They just recently  lost Lauren Nolke. She is a freshman who has been playing well for the Griffons. She is currently out of action with a sprained ankle. She was starting to hit her stride and was really helping the team.

The biggest blow came at the beginning of the season when the Griffons found out Ashleigh Curry was ineligible for this season. She is currently taking a red shirt and will be available next season for the Griffons. Curry was a star on last seasons conference championship team.

Coupling this with a brand new coach, isn’t the recipe for a successful season. With new head coach Lynn Plett trying to help the team adjust to his coaching style, it has been hard losing three key players this season. The Griffons can’t seem to catch a break.

Not everything has been bad for the Griffons this season. They have gotten great play out of their three seniors: Jill Johnson, Chemia Woods and Yanique Javois. Johnson and Javois were both starters on last season’s team, but Woods replaced last years starting point guard Tiffany Davis who graduated. All three have played well in their senior seasons. They have also shown great leadership in their final seasons.

Bad things for this team this season just keep happening. At the beginning of the season the Griffons had to learn to play without Curry. Once they got into a flow they lost Thomas for the season. Now they lost Nolke a freshman who had been playing well as of late. The injuries and other circumstances have hurt the Griffons mightily this season.

This season has not went the way the Griffons had hoped that it would. Maybe the bar was set to high after last season’s great success. After winning the conference championship the Griffons had bigger and more lofty goals this season. Then again I wonder how different the season would have went with the whole team intact. The injuries have hurt the teams chances of having a successful season. Sometimes everything doesn’t go as planned for a team  and that is the way things have gone for Western.

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