Steroids ruined my favorite pastime

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The biggest question that is plaguing sports right now is the steroid issue in baseball. I see it as people make mistakes and baseball will need to learn from them.

The baseball players are grown men capable of making grown men decisions, if they want to shorten their lives it’s their choice. I will agree that it enhances their performance, but baseball takes more than just muscles. If being good at baseball just took being strong, Hulk Hogan would be the all-time home run leader, with Gemini from the original American Gladiators a close second.

Baseball takes hand eye and bat speeds, which are skills steroids cannot give an athlete. I am not saying people should do steroids, because they can make a person do awful things. We saw “roid rage” of the worst kind with the Chris Benoit incident.

The only reason I am mad is because baseball players like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are probably not going to be in the Hall of Fame. This means Bonds, who is the all-time home run leader, will join Pete Rose, the all-time hits leader, on the outside looking in. If someone would have told me ten years ago that the most dominant pitcher and three of the greatest home run hitters of my generation would not be inducted into Cooperstown, I would of probably laughed in their face.

Can you blame baseball players for taking steroids? Not really. The reward far outweighs the risk when it comes to using. Baseball players make ridiculous amounts of money. Most feel by using, they can benefit by getting a bigger payday. As long as they can collect a bigger paycheck they find it acceptable Even though they are shaving years off of, their lives, they are thinking about the present and how it affects their bank accounts.

Looking at all the people who have lost their lives to steroids, I don’t see why a person would use them. The effect it has on a person’s heart is really unbelieveable. Long time users of performance enhancing drugs see their bodies break down and cause long term damage to their organs.

The owners and the commissioner are the ones to blame. They turned a blind eye to the issue because they were filling stadiums when the home run chase was going on in the 90’s. Now that it has gotten out of control, they are seeing the consequences of their decisions.

I do believe baseball is taking the right steps so that this issue is resolved. I guess I am just bitter that the decade I fell in love with baseball will forever be known as the steroid era. The special moments I watched will forever be tainted. I remember watching as both McGwire and Bonds hit their record setting home runs. I guess it’s hard to accept that my childhood heroes will not be in Cooperstown. 

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