Goppert Foundation gives scholarship


The Goppert Foundation of Kansas City recently gave the Missouri Western Foundation $100 thousand to establish a permanent endowed scholarship to give students a new opportunity to help pay tuition.

“While students from Lathrop, Mo. and Norborne, Mo. are preferred, the scholarship is open to all fulltime students taking 12 hours or more and having financial need,” Jerry Pickman, Western’s director of development said. “Their gift will benefit Western students for years to come.” 

Clarence Goppert, a banker, founded the Goppert Foundation in 1960 and his grandson, Thomas Goppert, now runs it.

Missouri Western will hold the $100 thousand donated by the Goppert Foundation in investments and the interest will pay for the scholarships, so potentially, there will be more funds available each year. This particular scholarship is renewable, which means if a student qualifies for the funds this year, they could continue to receive the funds as long as their GPA remains 2.5 or greater.

According to an MWSU press release, Dick Hutchison, president of La Monte Community Bank said, “The foundation wants to be a good steward and help the young people of the communities where their banks are located.”

Billy Campbell, president of the Lathrop Bank, a Goppert owned bank, said,” The Goppert Foundation is expanding their area of service.” The Goppert Foundation has multiple scholarships across the state, which now includes Missouri Western. “Thomas Goppert is a genuine warm hearted person.” Campbell said.

The financial aid department is responsible for awarding eight scholarships including the new Goppert scholarship. “There are approximately 250 scholarship funds available to Western students. We have 25-30 scholarship committees that determine recipients of funds,” Cindy Spotts-Conrad, senior coordinator for financial aid said. 

Melissa Lawrence, a sophomore in elementary special education feels much like many other students do. “There are too many forms to fill out.” Lawrence said. According to Spotts-Conrad, there is just one online form to complete that applies to all available scholarships.

Other students think they cannot get scholarships because they are receiving student loans. This is a common misconception. Scholarships can help reduce the amount students need to borrow and ultimately, the amount they will have to pay back. 

Scholarships are available to all students. First students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online, then go to the Missouri Western homepage and click on departments. Next, continue to financial aid, and finally click on scholarships. The deadline for completing the FAFSA and applying for Missouri Western scholarships for the 2008-2009 school year is March 1, 2008. 

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