What they said about friendship and college was true

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I never would have thought that college would change everything in my life. Especially my friendships. I mean the administrators and counselors all said that once we get into college, the people that we call our best friends now will not be someone that we want to look at let alone be friends with.

Of course those same well educated people also said that there is a possibility that it won’t happen like that but most of the time it will. And it has; at least for me it has.

In high school I was friends with two girls that I thought would be my friends for years to come. But it is something about this college experience that has changed our thinking and our way of handling situations. And it is not only me that is going through it.  

There are several people I know going through the same thing. But in order for people our age to really understand what is going on, we must look at it from all angles.

Many situations can come between friends. Things like using each others combs and brushes without permission to going behind each others back and dating each others ex. Extremes like that can happen but if friends can move past those things then that is a friendship to hold on to.

First of all, we are in a whole new environment. Not many people consider this but change of environment could play a big part in many different ways. Because we are some place new and not in our comfort zone we have to adjust and adjusting to a new place does not happen over night. In some people’s mind, the thought is “since we’re some where new and nobody knows me I can show off as much as I want.” Thinking like that can cause several problems, because in the mist of acting in a manner un-recognizable by our friend, we tend to annoy our friend and eventually cause a breakdown.

Second, we’re not only on our own but also grown. This is the time in our life where we are growing as adults. We now make adult decisions on everything we do and everyone we associate our selves with. We no longer have to ask permission to do what we want to do, go where we want to go or hang out with who we want to hang out with.

And if we do not feel up to going “out” or partaking in “having fun”, we do not have to give an explanation to anyone. Not even our friends.

We are changing so much, so quickly. We have even changed from the people that we once were a few months ago. And when people grow up, some tend to grow apart.

But if a friendship is strong enough then the little rifts that happen between those friends can with stand it and over come it.

I have learned a lot of elements when it comes to being friends.

There are people who will never like you and you don’t even have to say two words to them.

There’s people who will smile in your face and talk about you behind your back.

There are the friends where you suffocate in their world.

You know the ones I’m talking about…the world revolve around them.

Then there are the friends that you grow up with. And even when you graduate from college and go on to have careers and maybe even a family you and your friends are still close as ever.

 Through thick and thin, through good times and bad times those are the friends that will always be there. 

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