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Missouri Western’s Study Away program announced the trips for the Spring 2008 semester recently. The trips include an Art class going to New York, a Biology class going to San Salvador Island, an English class going to London, and a Law class heading to Washington D.C.

Director of Study Away, Dr. Karen Fulton, says it is important for students to be able to go somewhere and experience a different culture.

“Basically, it changes the way you look at the world,” Fulton said. “Being in a different culture really profoundly affects you for the rest of your life.”

Dr. Suzanne Kissock will be taking students on a trip to Washington D.C. where they will be doing various things in a place that she believes is one of the best places to travel.

Students going on this trip will be enrolled in LAT 340-93 Current and Legal Issues.

“We talk about the constitution, the president, and the Supreme Court but when you experience it first hand there’s nothing like it,” Kissock said.

Kissock, who is an attorney by trade, says the experience is something that she cannot teach in the classroom but it is something the students just have to be there for to really appreciate.
“I think travel for anyone is one of the best education you can have, wherever it is,” Kissock said.

The class will be going to places such as the Supreme Court, the Executive Branch, Congress, and various monuments and museums. Kissock also hopes to be able to set up some meetings with some congressmen as well.

The dates of travel for the trip to Washington D.C. are scheduled for March 8th through the 15th.
George Sipp in the Art Department will be taking the Art 391-93 New York Art Scene class to New York this spring.

The itinerary of the trip will include going to art museums such as the Metropolitan Museum, the Modern Art Museum, and several others.

There will also be time for students to visit galleries or go to theatres.

“It’s a very open ended kind of trip but very informative as well,” Sipp said.

Sipp wants students to be able to see famous works of art that they have always heard about but may have never seen. He believes study away is important for the students going to New York but it is also important for students all over campus.

“Students need to be able to understand different cultures and to broaden their horizons,” Sipp said.

He believes that students and faculty need to be able to know that people of the world share the same ideas in certain cases so they can embrace different cultures.

The travel dates for the trip to New York are March 27th through the 30th.

Dr. Karen Fulton will be taking the ENG 361-93 Literature on Site: London Locations class to London this spring.

This class will be learning about and visiting locations of literary works in London such as the historic Globe Theatre, Westminster Abbey, and they will be going to see at least two theatrical plays.

Students will also have free time to do other things of their choosing. Students in the past have gone to Stone Henge and other various locations.

“The people go and come back and are profoundly changed,” Fulton said.

Fulton believes that students can get a taste for many different cultures by going to London because of all the different nationalities of people who inhabit the city.
The travel dates for this trip are set for March 6th through the 14th.

Dr. David Ashley in the Biology Department will be taking a group of students on a Study Away trip to San Salvador Island.
The class that will be going on this trip is BIO 220-93 and 94 Field Natural His
tory. The 93 class is only worth one credit hour and the 94 class is worth two credit hours.
The dates that this group will be traveling this spring will be March 9th through the 16th.
As Director of the Study Away Program, Dr. Fulton hopes to improve and expand the program in future years.

Fulton wants to go a step further and have students spend an entire semester in a different culture as opposed to only one week or a few days. She believes the experience of being in a place for a longer amount of time can help students to be exposed to more and become more open minded when they return home.

For more information on Study Away, students can contact Dr. Fulton as well as any of the professors who are taking students on trips this spring.

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