Transfer students find home at Missouri Western

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There has been a steady number of transfer students choosing to attend Western in the last decade.

Western has had an average of 332.8 transfer students every fall semester since 1997. In the fall of 2007, there were 312 transfer students.

Western puts its main focus on articulation agreements and scholarships in order to make the transition to the university smoother. Articulation agreements are designed so that the credit hours offered at the initial school are comparable to the classes offered at Western. The schools collaborate with Western as to what classes are transferable. The most credits that can be transferred to Western are 64.

Director of Admissions, Howard McCauley, does not want to steal students from other schools but rather to help them meet their final educational goals from one institution to Western.

“We don’t want to steal the student from community colleges,” McCauley said. “We’ve continued to be a partner with the community colleges in doing this.”

The largest feeder schools to Western are Metropolitan Community Colleges in Kansas City, Highland Community College in Kansas and North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO. Western works with several other institutions in and out of the state.

Interim Assistant Vice President, Cindy Heider, feels a strong hold for Western is the scholarships available.

“One of our strongest points is transfer scholarships,” Heider said. “It is one of the most significant things we do.”

There are 40 transfer scholarships offered every school year. The requirements for these scholarships vary and some are targeted for out of state transfer students.

Dean of Student Services, Judith Grimes, values transfer students and hopes Western will see an increase.

“The transfer students are a great resource,” Grimes said. “One goal is to increase the number of students from out of state.”

Institutional Research Analyst, Judith Fields, says the records do not account for the incoming freshmen.

“New freshman are the people who haven’t been to college since high school graduation,” Fields said. “Transfer students can transfer in at any level.”

Transfer students attend a daylong orientation that introduces them to the campus. This gives them the opportunity to meet with the departments that they are majoring in. If a student has received an associate’s degree, it may count for completing Western’s general study critia.

The transfer equivalency process is currently being updated to help with some prerequisite problems encountered by transfer students during preregisteration.

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