The top 10 reasons why I love sports

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The other day someone asked me why I like sports so much. Before I was asked that question, I never really thought about it. In honor of David Letterman here is my ten reasons why I love sports.

Number ten: Watching a player get de-cleated in football. There is nothing that will get a person fired up more than watching a big hit. Anyone who has ever played football knows the feeling of giving a big hit and receiving a big hit.

Number nine: It doesn’t matter how many times a team breaks your heart, you will always be back to cheer for them. Even though your favorite team may lose on any given week, you will be back to watch the next game.

Number eight: The college football overtime rule. There’s nothing better than watching two teams battle it out in a four or five overtime game. I am still waiting for the Griffon football team to have one of these epic battles.

Number seven: A walk off homerun. Arguably the most exciting play in all of sports. No matter if the hit is in little league, men’s slow pitch softball or the World Series nothing matches the raw emotion of a walk off homerun.

Number six: To watch the unbelievable happen. Whether it’s an amazing catch, an incredible shot or something you have never seen before, sports has that. Just turn on Sportscenter and watch Gary Matthew’s robbing a home run or Reggie Bush juking the entire Fresno State football team.

Number five: Finding new teams to root for. Before coming to Missouri Western I never watched division II football. Ever since I started following them it has been nothing but good things. It makes me realize there is high quality football played on all levels.
Number four: The feeling a person gets the first time they enter a stadium. The first time I entered Kaufmann Stadium I was five years old, it was the best day of my life. I ate a hot dog and watched my favorite team play right in front of me. It didn’t even matter the Royals lost, just being there made my day.

Number three: Watching passionate fans at games. We have all seen the guys at the game with their shirts off and paint on their bodies when it’s five degrees outside. No matter if the weather gets cold we will still have our  die-hard fans dressed in black and gold. Only in sports will we see this much passion for something.

Number two: The craziness that is March Madness. Forget Christmas, my favorite holiday comes in March. There is nothing better than the college basketball one-and-done tournament style play.

Number one: The thrill of competition. No matter what sport your playing nothing beats friendly competition. If the sport is football, baseball, golf, bowling, darts or whatever, everyone wants to win. Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is better than losing.
There is certainly more I love about sports than these things I listed. I love about every sport imaginable.

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