Spare change collected for students


The staff in the development office has started a fundraising program called the “Change for Students,” this fund raiser will benefit those who study abroad, assist with special research and those who have been invited to present their research in front of a selected audience.

“This is something that was organized by Tara Jonhson in recognition of national philanthropy day,” said Director of Development, Jerry Pickman.

Development officer,  Tara Johnson started the “Change for Students” funds in hopes that it will create an awareness of philanthropy, that students will be able to grow and learn from the funds and more than anything, Johnson wants students to be able to recognize the importance of helping their peers.

“This program is brand new this year,” Johnson said. “The main idea behind it is to make students aware of how many people give money on their behalf.”
Pickman wanted to make it clear that the donations were students helping students.

“We not only want students on the receiving end, but we want to encourage students to give just as well” Pickman said. “ This fund demonstrates how students can impact the lives of others through giving.”

There have been multiple change jars placed throughout campus. The jars urge students to donate any amount of money to the cause. The donation will be distributed among those who take part in the study abroad program, special research and the “Student Excellence Fund” program.

“The ‘Student Excellence Fund’ program is an Award that is given once a semester to any student that has a direct relationship to current academic studies and serve as an enhancement of the academic experience,” said Johnson.

The student excellence fund is financial assistance given to Missouri Western students through Missouri Western State University Foundation. This Student Excellence Fund gives students the opportunity to participate in activities that they may not have had the chance to partake in due to monetary constraints. The amount of the award varies depending on the available funds. The maximum amount that a student may receive per academic year is  $700. Students may apply each semester but those who have not yet participated in the program will have priority over those who have.

Applicants who are interested in participating in the Student Excellence program for next semester should apply no later than February 1, 2008. For further information on the Change for Students or the Student Excellence Fund, students should visit the development office located in Leah Spratt, 205.

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