Elections for SGA president set to take place Nov. 14 and 15

Student Government Association election for president and vice president will be held Nov. 14 and 15 for the up and coming school year. The candidates that are running are Luke Herrington and Harold Calloway for president, and Emily Feger and Jennifer Kohler for vice president. This election will also permit students to vote on constitutional issues such as the amendment that the SGA holds. SGA is encouraging that students vote on the issues and the positions that will be filled. Katy Schwartz, chief of staff of Student Government Association said by permitting student to vote on constitutional matters such as the SGA amendments students are given a voice and are allowed to take a stand on what they believe should be changed, omitted and or added. “ I hope that a lot of students come out and vote so that their voice can be heard,” Schwartz said. “My expectations are that students will come out and vote, because we are here for the student body and we want to hear thier voice on things that matter to them. Not only do the current members of SGA have high expectations for this election, but candidates do as well. Herrington, one of the candidates for president, made an appearance at the NAACP meeting and introduced himself to the organization and its members. He spoke with the students about the elections and confronted any concerns that the students had. Acting dean and SGA Advisor, Cynthia Heider said it is important for students come out and vote on the issues the new SGA leaders. “This is an election for and by the students,” said Heider. “As administration I am not allowed to intervene and say what should and should not happen.” Heider also said that the entire student body should be involved in the elections, so their point of view is taken, or at least considered by the elected president and the those working with the president on certain issues that deal with the student body. Schwartz said when students are voting it will be beneficial for them to know that Herrington and Feger are campaigning with one another while Calloway and Kohler are campaigning with one another. Voting will be available Nov. 14 and 15 online only. As students, they will also be able to vote on Western Activities Council’s President and Vice President, and Residence Council’s President and Vice president.

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