TKE’s to bowl for Alzheimer’s


Tau Kappa Epsilon will be holding the fall version of Teke- in-the-Box, TKE bowling, to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research at the Belt Bowl on Sat. Nov. 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Tau Kappa Epsilon member and public relations guru, David Williams, said the TEKEs wanted to do a fall fund raiser for their national philanthropy, the National Alzheimer’s Association.

“In the past we’ve done more to help the St. Joe community than actually try to raise funds for the national philanthropy,” Williams said, “This is our first opportunity in the past couple years to actually do something for the National Alzheimer’s Association.”

He also wanted the event to be something big that people enjoy doing like bowling.

According to TEKE treasurer Larry Motley, the bowling event will help to support the community by doing something fun. At the same time, it will help the national philanthropy by raising funds for alzheimer’s research.

“It’s a way for us to support our community locally and also support our national objectives,” Motley said.

TEKE member Lance Ramsey also played a role in organizing the first ever TKE bowling event and wants to use it to show people what being Greek at Missouri Western is about.
“It’s good for us as a greek community so people will know that we’re not just trying to have fun all the time,” Ramsey said. “We’re trying to help people out too.”

Williams wants to use this event for a dual purpose. He wants to use it to raise money for the national organization as well as a tool to shift people’s mindsets from the stereotypical view of greek organizations.

“This entire greek community in general is very passionate about giving back not only to the St. Joseph community but giving back to as many people as possible,” Williams said.
Larry Motley said that a majority of the proceeds will be donated to the National Alzheimer’s Association.

The set up and structure of event will be teams of four and the cost will be $100 for each team to participate. As stated before, a large majority of the team entry fees will be donated to the association.

There will be first, second and third place trophies handed out and the team who wins will have a plaque put up at the Belt Bowl or somewhere on campus.

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