Missouri Western has hope in our football team

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Missouri Western athletic teams have been up and down throughout the years, it looks as if football success might be here to stay

As much pride as I have in the athletic programs at this wonderful university, I have recently caught myself wondering if the “M” in MWSU may actually stand for “M”ediocre, or “M”iddle-of the road or run of the “M”ill. 

Missouri Western sports are like a carni­val roller coaster.  Occasionally they go up in the air, but they never get high enough to give you a lasting thrill.  The majority of the ride consists of simple ups and downs.  And when you get off, you find yourself dis­appointed, half-sick and ready to go home.

Our women’s team sports consist of soft­ball, soccer, volleyball and basketball.  The softball team could be considered one of the minor ups.  Their 2007 record was a respectable 34-26.  However, a simple click to the MWSU soccer home page will bring any excited fan back down to reality.  The newly formed soccer team is still strug­gling.  They are currently sitting in a roller coaster dip at a disappointing 2-11.

The MWSU volleyball girls are a roller coaster ride all their own.  They have some interesting highlights, such as Alyssa Berg’s 1000 kills for her career. But their 9-16 record quickly reminds us that we’re still on this ride.

Last spring we saw some hope of getting off this endless, sickening ride when our women’s bas­ketball team had a nearly perfect season. They were ranked as high as second in the nation, and they fin­ished with a stunning 30-4 record. Unfortunately, their season ended sadly in a second round playoff exit  at home in the Looney Complex on a last second lay-up to an impressive Texas A&M Commerce team.

After the most exciting hill in our ride, the Missouri Western coaster began to fall apart at the wheels.  Women’s coach Josh Keister bolted to join a rising division 1-A program at TCU.  Shortly after Keister’s exit, Mark Linder, the athletic director who had been working to reconstruct a bigger and bet­ter Missouri Western sports roller coaster ride left as well. He took a job that was a little closer to home.  Now the women’s bas­ketball team is facing an NCAA investiga­tion regarding pos­sible violations.

 On the men’s side of sports, our baseball team finished about like our softball team.  They were a respect­able, but still some­what average 28-23. Again, their semi-success is negated by another disappointing season by our men’s basketball team.  The men’s basketball team finished under .500 with a 12-15 record.

The only thing that is keeping me on this disappointing ride is the small glimmer of hope the MWSU football team offers.  They have been a bit of an up and down ride on their own this year with a loss to NWMSU followed by an exciting victory over the ever-dominant Pittsburg State Gorillas.  Coming back home, the Griffons posted a loss to Washburn, but they followed it up with another impressive win in Hays, Kan.

The key here is that this is a very young football team.  Some inconsistency is expected.  The Griffons are currently standing fairly impressive at 4-2 overall and 2-2 in the conference.  So for now, I have hope.  And I will continue to ride out this carnival coaster of mediocrity because off in the distance I see a young football team which appears to be building a better ride for the future.

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