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Missouri Western housing numbers have risen significantly this year compared to last year.

Last year, the number of students who lived in the residence halls was 897. The year before that, which was Western’s first year as a university, the numbers totaled to around 850 students.

This year Western opened the year with only one or two open spaces and had a total tally of 1,064 students in the residence halls.

According to Michael Speros, Western’s Director of Residential Life, this is not a normal change in numbers.

He discussed various things that have changed which may have brought about the increase in students living in the halls.

“The first year requirement implemented last year helped some,” Speros said.

However, this requirement cannot affect students who live in a 50 mile radius of the campus.

Speros cited what he thought could be more reasons for the higher numbers this year.

“Scholarship recipients who were Golden Griffon scholars have to live on campus as well as other(s),” Speros said.

The increased security and casual areas in the buildings have also been a factor in bringing
the numbers up.

In recent years, there have been additions such as cameras and locked doors in the halls to
try to make students feel safe.

“We think having those doors locked, cameras in the halls (and) front desks play a role in people feeling a little bit more secure,” Speros said.

The goal of the recent renovations of some of the residence halls have been to make them
more up-to-date and state of the art.

Two years ago Beshears Hall was renovated and last year Juda Hall was renovated.

With these renovations came a new idea of rooms called “Super Single.” Speros explained how
many students wanted their privacy and own space and this was part of the reason for the Super
Single rooms.

“We took the double space and made it into a single so students can have room just for them and
it has been a reason for some students deciding to stay on campus,” Speros said.

The improved technology is still being put into some of the halls.

Leaverton and Vaselakos halls both had computer labs put in them this year and the Living
and Learning Center will have one put in next week.

Beshears hall has been made into a place where only juniors and 21-year-old students can

“It’s for that group of students that are graduating a little bit older that just want it quiet,” Speros said.

The future of the residence halls should hold more advancement in technology as well as
casual living areas.

As the student housing numbers increase, Western will have to make more residence halls to

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