Griffons can’t find way to beat Ichabods

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The Griffon defense failed to stop any of the three running backs the Washburn Ichabods put into the game on Saturday in their second straight loss at home 31-24.

“We thought we could run over this team,” Chauncy Mayfield, strong safety for the Griffons said. “We shouldn’t sleep on any team. We got to play like its Northwest or Pitt State every week. We have to bring that same emotion every week.”

Washburn ran the ball 60 times for 293 yards and starting tailback for the Ichabods, Ra’Shawn Mosely, ran for 210 yards by himself.

“Mosely ran hard,” Seth Hane, middle linebacker for the Griffons said. “The coaches for Washburn had some good schemes against us and took advantage of one-on-one blocking up front.”

In the last three games against Northwest, Pitt State and Washburn, the Griffon defense has given up 1,444 yards of total offense and 749 of those yards have come on the ground.

The Griffons’ defense did make a play that could have turned the game around. When linebacker Robert Bishop forced a fumble, the ball was picked up by cornerback Jarrett Morris who returned it for a touchdown, making the score 31-24 with 2:40 left in the game.

The Griffons were down by only seven and needed a stop or to recover an onside kick.

“We thought about an onside kick for a second,” Jerry Partridge, head coach of the Griffons said. “We put Dustin Strickler in to kick. He’s our best pooch kick guy, but the wind was at our back and the ball went to far.”

The idea behind a pooch kick is for the ball to travel about 30 yards in the air and land in a vacant space where a Griffon could recover the ball, but the ball was kicked too deep and was caught easily by the deep returner for the Ichabods.

The Ichabod offense took the field after the deep kick and ran the ball twice. Each run was for more than 10 yards, effectively ending a miserable game for the Griffons.

Four of the top five tacklers for the Griffons were defensive backs, which means the Ichabod running backs were getting into the secondary way too much.

“We have to play our assignments, tackle better and play together,” Mayfield said.

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